Phil in the News

Happy New Year!  Chairman Mendelson and his office hope your family is having a happy 2016 so far.  Here are some news stories from the past week (and new year!) involving the Chairman:

Council Upholds Emergency Ban on Cannabis Clubs After Members Change Votes – Mendelson explained that he supported the prohibition on cannabis clubs along with Mayor Muriel Bowser and police Chief Cathy Lanier in order to remove ambiguity for law enforcement agents.  “I’m surprised at these comments [against the ban] because [the bill] continues legislation that was supported unanimously [last year],” Mendelson said. “The origin was from the executive and in particular the chief of police.”  [Washington City Paper]

Tardies at All DC Schools Would Not Count as Absences Under Proposed LawThis legislation will enable our government to continue the progress towards reducing truancy,” Mendelson said in a statement. “Most people think of truancy as an educational issue, which it is, but it also is an indicator of children at risk for entering the juvenile justice system. For these two reasons, it must continue to be our priority to tackle truancy.” [The Washington Post]

DC Mayor at Risk of Watching Her Marijuana Policy Go Up in SmokeCouncil Chairman Phil Mendelson (D), however, said he is inclined to go along with continuing Bowser’s proposed ban on pot clubs. “I haven’t heard any complaints” about the way things are going, he said.  [The Washington Post]