Phil in the News

Some news stories from the past week involving Chairman Mendelson:

DC Paid Leave Hearing to Focus on Economic Impact – D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson says the District will pass some form of paid leave mandate. He says he wants “a worker-friendly bill that is good for businesses.”  [NBC4]

Creation of New Metro Safety Group Pushed Back to 2017 – “This is crazy,” said Phil Mendelson, the chairman of the DC Council. He blamed bureaucrats within the transportation departments in the two states and the District for not moving quickly enough.  “They missed a deadline. They missed it not by a day or a week or an hour, they missed it by a year,” he said.  [WAMU]

DC Paid Family Leave Proposal Faces Two Hurdles: Cost and Mayor BowserThe Council is set to hold a third hearing on the bill in February, at which point an amended version of the proposal could be presented for consideration, said Council Chairman Phil Mendelson. He has said that there is enough support on the Council to pass some version of the paid-leave bill.  [WAMU]