Council of the District of Columbia
The Committee of the Whole is responsible for the annual budget, and amendments, additions, or supplements to the budget; coordinating the Council’s relationships with the Congress and the Federal executive branch; monitoring the progress of Council legislation through Congress; monitoring the status of original legislative proposals in Congress that may affect the District, the Council, or its legislation; amendments to the District Charter; Council appointments to Boards and Commissions; public-space naming; street and alley acquisition and closing; reapportionment and realignment of the political subdivisions of the District; Council administration and personnel; the scheduling of all matters for consideration by the Council in the legislative meeting; legislative matters related to the District as a political entity, including voting rights and statehood; grants management; government procurement; coordinating the Council’s relationships with appropriate regional, state, and national associations and organizations; the Council’s relationship with regional authorities and other regional bodies and organizations not specifically assigned to other committees; truancy (jointly with the Committee on Education); District employees’ retirement; the development of the Comprehensive Plan and other matters pertaining to land use; matters related to statehood and self-determination for the District; revision and codification of Title 49 of the D.C. Official Code; public-education matters exclusively concerning the University of the District of Columbia or the Community College of the District of Columbia; international business and affairs; consumer and regulatory affairs; and other matters assigned to it by these Rules or by the Chairman.

Agencies Under the Committee’s Purview
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